Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today nimekungojea since kedo 11:59am haukutokea now me am leaving for home.I thought you could be here online so that we could talk and dream together yet i could'nt see you that is the sin of being used to people yet i don't regret it,i wished you were here with me but it's ok.We would have talked about things like i love you i miss you and i wanna hold you tonite and lotsa other stuffs.Babes it's hard for me since you can't come to the ''fb'' i feel isolated confused and abased.Sweetie i really thank you for the bamba you sent i forgot to tell you that yesterday, but don't ever send me any aide it really broke my heart to think that am suppossed to be your man yet am the one asking for aide from you that is not fair more so to you.I love you so much that i don't to be the one gaining fom this love i want both of us to gain remember love is one way traffic it involves giving and taking.let me tell you my story my pa and ma are in shagz us being the last borns we weren't that lucky our dad gave birth to us when he was going to retire at ''97'' he retired were still kids momma was a businesswoman she used her business to take us to school.i don't regret anything about my life the fact that my siblings took us to school speraks for itself that life then was never that smooth for me.Though we have never stopped dreaming we have never stopped living we have never stopped saying that out there there is something good for us.Am proud of me pops he is earning his pension very well times he feels guilty for not playing a role of taking us to school,hey i still love him he is my old man he has made me believe in being hardworking and believe in tough life do exist.Nor am i gonna say that am so ghetto no coz i lived in the most surbub part of mombasa almost all my life.I appreciate them for the love they gave me and how they showed how love can be tough.Am not saying this that i need support from you or sympathy no am saying this coz i feel i wanna share it with you,coz you are part of me that is gonna be around longtime, aren't you?.In my life i never stopped being a child, i never stopped playing kick the can, i never stopped playing hide and seek and i never stopped falling in love.Yet not all chicks were my type no some were there to taste me some were there to make my life miserable others were gold diggers.Sweetie am so grateful for you loving me all this i say becoz it's all in my heart my head has except to start my journey as a young offspring of T.B.ONAYA this life won't be scary i promise coz i know GOD will be with us anyway.Sweetie i will always love you......bye.

AFFLICTIONS we don't lose heart .though our outer nature is wasting away,our inner nature is being renewed everyday.17.for slight momentary affliction is preparig us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison ,18.because we look not to the things seen but things that are unseen;for the things that are seen are trans sient,but the things that are unseen are eternal.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Tell me, is it hard to be loved? is it true there is true love out there?can you find true love, true love that is simple understanding and caring.If there is then it needs a prayer it needs a miracle it needs a heart that never tires and never faints........sometimes i always ask myself where do broken hearts they find there way home......i still don't know pliz inform me.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


somewhere between two worlds people are dying ethnic barbarity looms,it's about superiority,between the weaker and the stronger,tanks splatter blood all over the the villages,women and young girls are raped,by the heartless mercilless janjaz,you can't predict whose next until it's at your dooor post,life is like a butchery today it's your neighbor tomorrow it's you,depending on the wrong people for resources for life,the government becomes the killing machine,initiating all death projects like slaughter house ,tell me whose gonna help bring an end to killings ,is it people or the government? DARFUR killing should be stopped,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

where do broken hearts go?

it's been hard for me to define true love coz according to me is a whole new experience.How can you say you love someone yet your action speaks differently,it's hard.....i mean.....i loved a girl with my all yet she dissapointed me by putting her friend first and her lifestyle first where can that type of love go.Nowhere even an inch......... i don't anyone to hurt me that's all.