Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Joseph Jagat's Dreams Life has never been that fair living every minute of it full of pains and losses.But i thank GOD i have a brother a twin.Someone we have been connected since child hood the worst moment of our lives came when we had to be seperated we have lived all our lives bounded by that childhood fear,that what if we get seperated on our way up...growing up.That fear i hated came knocking at our childhood lives we had to go seperate ways becoz my bro had to go to school and i had to keep living.Men i hated it coz my bro was that one thing precious to me we couldn't be a part but circumstances proved irreconcilliable...we had to.
Now he it has been years of seperation yet we now feel like strangers me living in coast and him in Nairobi i never regret yet deep within i know we will always be bounded by that bond that kept us together....and again we will always be the keepers of each other.... i still love and value my one connected half...Jamii Mgongo.....i salute you bro.

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