Thursday, August 12, 2010


''God has a supply of it ready for you ,provided you receive it.What seems impossible for you is entirely possible for God''''Father,you 've given us a fine mind .we believe you want us to develop,sharpen it,to know some of the wisdom of other men through other men of ages.You want our potential to be used to help you lift and lighten some portion of our world.All resources are yours .So will you please make ti possible for us to receive what we need for our education.''''Plant in our minds and heart the vivid pictures,The specific dreams that reflect your plkan for us.And ,oh give us joy in dreaming-great joy''''Budgeting our times as well us as money:a certain numbers of hours for study,for classes ,for work,for church services,for recreation.''''Material resources are at the beck and call of the dream.There are no ceiling in to dreams''.''I've come to realize that this process won't work unless we are specific .That is because big part of the power to make the dream come true arises from a mental picture.And for a mental image ,you need specific ''.No creativity is possible unless the subconscious and the conscious are both brought into play and working together and subconscious responds to only suggestion through visualization. 

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