Friday, August 13, 2010


To tell you the truth my life has been dramatic since i came in contact with my brother older brother Steve,having lived world apart and miles away from each other.He has taught me things this world could never taught.He has been the one behind my pressures and stresses whenever i got into slightest mistake he'd be right at my tail.But if i may ask is shouting at one you are close to going to solve any problem...nah...i don't think.We always expect healing and reconciliation in everything we do.There are times he'd yell me down just because i forgot something or i  never really did.I never thought i could stand such a nuisance never,so i used yell back at him and even want to fight him because he would provoke me by calling me marijuana user because of my eye problem..Yet,to tell you the truth it never worked because i found myself never showing him any respect ,i tell you friend if you ever be in such a situation don't disrespect such a person because if you disrespect such a person then show respect to people you don't know...then you will be doing nothing worth...So the best thing i did whenever he yelled was to remain calm and listen to all that crap he shouts..i respect him man he is still my older brother though he is a pain in the ass.This worked a number of times he found himself shouting to his echo...despite all that i love him and he will always be my brother.